Out of the Box Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Over the past few years, healthy eating has being linked with exquisite electric pressure cooker recipes. If you wish to stay healthy and fit, you must consume a balanced diet with all essential nutrients. After all, healthy eating is more-or-less a norm in this busy world. And, with a busy schedule almost every homeowner dreams of healthy electric pressure cooker recipes. There are many interesting pressure cooker models that can help you prepare healthy foods with little calories! So, if you are concerned about healthy food varieties, don’t worry. Here is a quick walk through few well known electric pressure cooker recipes.

Tasty, Hot Chickpea Soup

The list of electric pressure cooker recipes begins with chickpea soup. This is a scrumptious dish that uses very little oil. Before making this dish, you must soak chickpeas in luke warm water overnight. This will remove all dirt particles and unnecessary chemicals from the chickpeas! Now, pick your much loved meat variety, sauté it carefully in tomatoes and onions (you can always add your favorite ingredients to make a personalized, scrumptious dish). Consequently, add chickpeas to the meat and toss it in cilantro & cumin. To give the chickpea electric pressure cooker recipe its taste – add salt, water and pepper. When it comes to cooking chickpeas in the pressure cooker, you should wait for 5 to 6 whistles and cook the dish for 10 minutes. There are plenty of programmable pressure cookers out there to help you customize cooking as much as possible. Choose your cooking options carefully, to make sure nutrients from the chickpeas are not taken away. Chickpea soup is identified as a wholesome meal that can be enjoyed with different types of breads. Meanwhile, you should bear in mind that the cooking duration differs from one electric pressure cooker to another. Thus, ensure you understand your pressure cooker before doing any settings.

electric pressure cooker recipes hot chickpea soup

Yummy, Yummy Refried Beans

The idea of having healthy meals is made easy with intuitive pressure cooker brands like Elite and Fagor. If you want to make refried beans with a healthy touch, you should go for the following electric pressure cooker recipes. Add your much loved beans in an electric pressure cooker with cumin, oil, parsley and onions. Add a pinch of pepper and salt to give the dish its taste. The beans must be carefully cooked in high pressure for seven to ten minutes. Now, cooking beans at this pressure requires thought. The Elite EPE 1013 Platinum is designed to prepare beans in less than eight minutes. On the other hand, traditional pressure cookers may require at least 10 minutes making the dish. Next, release pressure and mash the beans. To give the electric pressure cooker recipes with refried beans a tasty twist, garnish it with ingredients like parsley. In case, you don’t want the refried beans electric pressure cooker recipes to be healthy, add a dollop of sour cream. Ardent chefs consider this as one of the finest ways of making protein rich bean dishes. And, this is a one-pot dish that can be prepared without much effort!

electric pressure cooker recipes refried beans

Making the World’s Healthiest Breakfast – Eggs

Thirdly, there are plenty of delicious electric pressure cooker recipes with eggs. Experts declare that pressure cookers are one of the best and quickest ways of preparing boiled eggs. It is quite interesting to note that baking powder has the ability to peel off egg in few minutes. Apart from this, you can make scrumptious egg-based electric pressure cooker recipes with water. Keep the eggs inside the cooker and wait till pressure builds up. It would take two short minutes for pressure to build! Consequently, maintain this pressure for two long minutes. Before you can even think off, you will have healthy eggs for breakfast. A lot of people tend to schedule egg-based electric pressure cooker recipes and let the cooker do the trick!

electric pressure cooker recipes eggs

How to Make Risottos in an Electric Pressure Cooker?

Would you believe if someone tells you that there are exquisite risotto electric pressure cooker recipes? Would you agree if someone tells you that delicious risottos can be made in few split minutes? This is exactly what pressure cooker risotto recipes do! Here is how you make risotto electric pressure cooker recipes:

  1. You should pre-heat the electric pressure cooker. Now, add a teaspoon of olive oil and sauté the dish with onions. The onions should be sauté at high pressure and left for few minutes.

  2. Next, add garlic and celery to the onions. These ingredients should be cooked for a minute.

  3. Risotto’s main ingredient is Arboria rice. In general, Arboria rice should be cooked with the sauté onions, celery and garlic for a minute.

  4. Step four plays a very important role in risotto electric pressure cooker recipes. This is when vegetable stock and soaked lentils are added to the mix. The mixture has to be thoroughly mixed and left closed inside the pressure cooker. This mixture will need seven to nine minutes to be prepared. Meanwhile, don’t release the pressure manually. It has to be released naturally and slowly. Experts believe that the actual taste of pressure cooked risottos is experienced only when pressure gets released slowly. To give the dish a finishing touch, garnish it with fresh parsley leaves.

electric pressure cooker recipes risotto

The Ultimate Bottom Line

Electric pressure cooker recipes can blow you off your feet! There are too many recipes to choose from and to prepare. As mentioned previously, pressure cookers come in different models, brands and sizes. To make fine dishes, you should hand pick the right kind of cooker for your electric pressure cooker recipes. Choose a cooker that would complement your health regimen. Moreover, bear in mind that there are plenty of pressure cooker models that can help you prepare dishes in few minutes (which would take hours otherwise). Apart from this, you don’t have to be around monitoring the electric pressure cooker recipes. Just do the basic settings and cover the vessel – before a delicious, healthy meal gets prepared.