All About Fagor Duo 8 quart Pressure Cooker

Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker is identified as one of the most stylish kitchen appliances in the market, and Fagor ensures that a Fagor Pressure Cooker must be loaded with useful functionalities that can give you a real surprise. The brand recognizes cookware for its artistic and impressive nature.  Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker has evolved to be a mighty seller in the market. With a rating of 8/10, Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker is undeniably one of the finest products in the market. And, if you are wondering why you should invest on this pressure cooker, here are few intuitive points for you!

fagor duo 8 qt pressure cooker

Fagor Duo 8 quart Pressure Cooker – Design and Features

To begin with, Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker has a wide base. It is an 8.8” inch cooker with a standard opening. The widest point of this pressure cooker measures 9.25”. Just like many other pressure cookers (Fissler Vitavit) in the market, this model features a narrow interior.

Moving on, the Fagor Duo 8 qt pressure cooker comprises of short handles. These handles will help you move the cooker easily. To ensure prominent levels of safety and convenience, the cooker is designed with long handles. The handle will help you move it without burning your hand over the flame. Now, this is an amazing feature that differentiates Fagor duo 8 quart from the rest.

All About Safety

Unfortunately, the Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker lacks an important, standard feature. It doesn’t have a maximum fill line. A lot of reviewers believe that you can determine the exact capacity with your eye. However, it requires lots of experience. The actual capacity depends on the dish you intend to make. For example, legumes and grains require half the capacity; whereas 2/3rd of the vessel should be filled with water when you make meat.

When it comes to safety, Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker receives 5 out of 5 stars. It offers an impressive range of safety features to make sure you enjoy a safe and secure cooking experience. Here are four safety mechanisms in the pressure cooker:

  1. The Primary over pressure release valve gets triggered when the pressure exceeds a predestined value. The valve will help you figure out if you should stop cooking or not.

  2. The Secondary safety valve is found near the handle. In case the primary over pressure valve fails to reduce pressure automatically, the secondary valve kicks in! For example, the primary valve would stop functioning if it is clogged or the pressure shoots above a certain value.

  3. The self locking handle is designed to close when a specific pressure value is reached. The handle will not let you open the pressure cooker till it is completely safe! In layman’s terms, you will not be able to open the lid before all pressure gets released.

  4. Fourthly, Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker has a safety vent that comes into use if mechanisms (1) and (2) fail. If pressure doesn’t reduce automatically, the gasket buckles and releases pressure through a metal cut opening in the lid. During this process, some food may seep out too!

fagor duo 8 qt pressure cooker safety

Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker enjoys a performance of 3/5 stars! A lot of people love the way pressure gets released. However, they don’t admire the relationship between the regulator and the indicator. Meanwhile, you can handpick pressure values between 8 (low) and 15 psi (high). The pressure indicator is a small component that is positioned under the handle. It is known for its precise and quiet nature. As pressure reaches a specific value, the pressure indicator pops up! Now, you should understand the fact that pressure is released very slowly. Gradual release in pressure makes sure all essential nutrients are preserved in food.

When Cleaning Becomes Easy

In terms of cleanup, Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker enjoys 4 out of 5 stars. Here are few reasons why the pressure cooker supports fast cleaning:

  1. The valve pops up very easily.

  2. The gasket is pretty easy to hand wash. In fact, you can remove it like a breeze.

  3. Always remember that Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker’s lid must be washed by hand.

  4. Fagor duo 8 quart pressure cooker has a dishwasher safe base. However, it would be wiser to hand wash the unit.

Fagor Duo 8 qt pressure cooker weighs like a breeze and is lighter than most other cookers in the market. This clearly means that you can use it any kitchen and store it up without much worries.

Moving on, Fagor Duo 8 qt pressure cooker comes with a stainless steel steamer basket. Once again, the basket comprises of two handles and is remarkably deep. The steam basket is neatly framed by capitalizing the holes that are useful while preparing vegetables and rice-based dishes. To improve your cooking experience with Fagor Duo 8 qt pressure cooker, you should buy a glass lid, dessert accessory kit, 3-piece measuring set, pasta basket and a canning accessory kit.

The Basics!

Before you decide on the Fagor Duo 8 qt pressure cooker, here is a quick walk through the cooker’s basic features:

  1. The pressure cooker comprises of an 18/10 stainless steel base.

  2. The spring valve is fine tuned with dial pressure selectors.

  3. The electric pressure cooker is capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 249 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Fagor Duo 8 qt pressure cooker has a universal base. It is safe on induction, electric, gas and ceramic cook tops.

  5. The amazing pressure cooker comes with a 10 year warranty. Also, you are provided with instruction manuals and recipe books to help you with the pressure cooker.

On the whole, Fagor Duo is one of the best pressure cookers any homeowner can buy. It is completely automatic and quiet. You can use the cooker by just pushing few functional buttons! Indeed, you can prepare complicated dishes in just few minutes. Now, this is a promise many pressure cooker brands make – but only a very few have the competency to keep up – And, Fagor does it effortlessly.

fagor duo 8 qt pressure cooker 2