A Quick Walk Through Fagor Pressure Cooker Parts

The hunt for information about Fagor pressure cooker parts has increased drastically over the past few years. This can be attributed to the brand’s one-of-a-kind designs and classy pressure cooker models. Indeed, electric pressure cookers have turned into amazing kitchen gadgets that can reduce workload and save lots of time. And, if you want to preserve your pressure cookers for a very long time, you should understand more about its crucial parts and functionalities. There are some parts and terms you must be familiar with. For example, you should know which part is responsible for releasing pressure and what parts are important for cooking. With this being said, here is a quick walk through few important Fagor pressure cooker parts. (Before you read on, remember that pressure cookers are not rocket science or difficult to deal with. Instead, they are designed with basic parts to ensure quick, healthy cooking).

fagor pressure cooker parts

7 Most Important Fagor Pressure Cooker Parts

Part #1 – The Accurate Pressure Indicator

One of the most important Fagor pressure cooker parts would be the “Pressure Indicator”. This is a component found on the cooker’s lid. To be more precise, it is a tiny pin that pops up when the pressure cooker has reached the predestined pressure value. In fact, the pressure indicator will let you know if pressure has reduced or not too. When it comes to Fagor pressure cooker parts, this pin serves as a locking agent. That is why you may come across the terms “Locking Indicator” in the instruction manual. The pressure indicator will make sure you don’t open the lid before pressure comes within admissible (or safe) ranges.

Part #2 – The Mighty Safe Pressure Release Value

Next in the list of Fagor pressure cooker parts would be the “Pressure Release Valve”. You will spot this valve in the lid. By turning, lifting or pressing the valve, you will be able to release pressure from the vessel manually. It is quite interesting to note that pressure can be released from Fagor pressure cookers in two different ways. You can let pressure ooze out naturally or you release it manually by pressing the pressure release valve. When compared against many other Fagor pressure cooker parts, the pressure release valve should be used carefully. If you wish to release pressure from the cooker, press it using another tool like a wooden spoon. This way, you can save yourself from coming in touch with warm steam. Now, this is certainly not a funny point to be noted!

Part #3 – The Useful Steam Condensation Collector

Another interesting item in the list of Fagor pressure cooker parts would be the steam condensation collector. This is a small container (usually made of plastic) found in one side of vessel. As suggested by its name, you can use the vessel to collect extra steam that is obtained from condensation. Unlike many other kitchen cookware, pressure cookers are prone to release lots of steam. Condensed steam can cause lots of problems and turn the place into a messy spot! This is why Fagor distributes steam condensation collectors with its models.

Part #4 – The Essential Silicone Sealing Ring

The talk about Fagor pressure cooker parts will remain incomplete without the “Silicone Sealing Ring”. The gasket or silicone sealing ring is found inside the pressure cooker’s lid. The ring ensures a gas tight ambiance is created inside the cooker. As a result, air or steam would not escape from the appliance during cooking sessions. Trapped steam and air plays a very important role in pressure cooking. It defines how long the food has to be cooked. Poorly trapped steam can increase the total time required to prepare healthy dishes. This results in loss of nutrients and richness (unnecessary) from food. If you want to ensure on health and quick recipes, you must keep an eye on the silicone sealing ring.

Part #5 – The Add On Trivet and Steamer Basket

Trivet and steamer basket is another important component in the list of Fagor pressure cooker parts. It is quite interesting to note that all Fagor pressure cookers are shipped with a steam basket and trivet. These components will make sure food doesn’t touch the cooker’s base. Above all, the trivet and steamer basket will help you prepare many scrumptious dishes. From risottos to hard boiled eggs, you can make many delicious dishes in the pressure cooker. Just like many other Fagor pressure cooker parts and accessories, the steam basket is easy to clean and maintain.

Part #6 – A Super Cold Handle

To ensure high levels of safety, all Fagor pressure cooker parts are made of premium quality. And, to take safety to a whole new level, the primary handle is made of heat-resistant material. The handle will make sure you don’t burn your fingers while moving the pressure cooker from one spot to another! Consequently, the chances of unexpected accidents in the kitchen are brought down. Fagor pressure cookers have a helper handle too. The handle is neatly positioned on opposite sides to help in moving and carrying the pot.

Part #7 – The Transparent Lid

The talk about Fagor pressure cooker parts reaches a whole new level with its “Lid”. The lid is designed with an operating valve that has three dials. This includes the unlock position, pressure setting and automatic pressure release point. The lid will make sure pressure is built and released as safely as possible. As mentioned previously, this is a very important feature found in all Fagor pressure cookers – thanks to its scintillating lid.

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The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, Fagor pressure cooker parts are neatly packed to form a perfect vessel for making scrumptious dishes. Enticing Fagor pressure cookers are all that you need to prepare out-of-the-box dishes as quickly as possible. If you wish to increase the overall lifetime of your pressure cooker, you should take good care of them. Make sure you handle the parts with lots of care and concern. Conversely, ensure the products are dishwasher friendly. After all, wouldn’t you want to save yourself from the hassles of washing Fagor pressure cooker parts manually?